Welcome to the Ecological and Evolutionary Informatics Lab!

We are located at the University of Maine, jointly in the School of Biology and Ecology and the Maine Center for Genetics in the Environment. Work in our lab seeks to build quantitative tools to understand universal processes in evolution and ecology and help provide a foundation for understanding how global change might drive future shifts in the diversity of life. Our work seeks to understand general biodiversity phenomena through the dual lenses of combining simple insight inspired by the statistical behavior of large systems and the unique non-equilibrium dynamics imparted to biological systems by their evolutionary history. We aim to leverage and contribute to the ongoing revolution in eco-evolutionary data generation to do this. We maintain three major research areas:

  1. building eco-evolutionary theories of biodiversity
  2. testing theoretical predictions with next-generation-enabled data from systems undergoing novel evolutionary trajectories
  3. developing robust software tools to make these approaches accessible to the general scientific community